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What to do to get a new water connection

Get a water connection form for Rs100 from the Summit Bank’s University Road branch or from the Accounts Office (Revenue) at the KWSB’s Hasan Square office

If the status of your house is bifurcated (therefore, subleased) or if you live in a portion, you’re entitled to a separate water connection. However, for units the water board will not provide you with a separate connection

Fill in the form and attach the sales lead or sublease as well as the master plan of your house along with the bills of any utility company and the CNIC of the owner of the house

Submit all the documents to the water board office in your town

Based on the documents, a feasibility report will be prepared by the KWSB after the water board’s officials visit your house

According to the size of your house’s plot, you’ll get a fee payment challan that is to be submitted to the HBL’s Sindh Secretariat branch

Submit one of the copies of the challan to your town’s KWSB office. After a week or two, you’ll get a sanction order for a new water connection

Get an application and a map for road cutting from the water board’s town office

Submit them to the relevant land owning agency: district municipal corporation or cantonment board, following which you’ll be issued with a challan depending on the size of the road cutting required for your connection

Once that challan is submitted, KWSB linemen are supposed to get you the water connection. While you’ll have to bear the labour cost, you’re not supposed to pay any additional money to the linemen

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