UK: Tens of thousands march for new Brexit referendum

LONDON: Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of London on Saturday afternoon, demanding a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal.

Gathering in Marble Arch, demonstrators marched through central London to fill the Parliament Square as the House of Commons gathered for a historic day of votes.

The demonstration is one of the largest anti-Brexit protests the country has seen as people from all over the country travelled into London to voice their opposition to Brexit.

“Little England wants to get out of the EU; the United Kingdom does not want to get out of the EU,” Jeremy, a retired project manager said.

Neil, a professor from the University of Sheffield, told Anadolu Agency that he joined the protest “to urge the parliament and the government to think that Britain belongs to Europe.” 

A small group of those who support Britain’s exit from the bloc also held a demonstration.

Various MPs from opposition parties took gave speeches at a stage in the Parliament Square.

Lawmakers earlier voted for an amendment to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal, which forces him to request for an extension from the EU until related legislative is passed.

The vote delayed a meaningful vote on the deal Johnson has reached with the EU last week.

The government said they would bring a departure bill to the parliament as early as Monday.

The demonstration was organized by a group of anti-Brexit movements, such as the People’s Vote Campaign, Another Europe is Possible, LabourSay, and Our Future Our Choice.

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