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Two-headed baby: The birth of an ‘unusual’ baby in Sindh’s city Daghri

An ‘extraordinary’ child has been born in Daghari, Sindh province of Pakistan, with one torso but two heads.

Ali Murad Khoso’s wife Fawzia Khoso has given birth to a child through an operation these days. Both mother and baby are currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital.

The father of the child works and loads the sacks in the truck. It’s been a year since their marriage and this is their first child.

Courtesy BBC Urdu

They say the baby weighs three and a half kilograms and breastfeeds the mother.

Ali Murad performed an ultrasound once in the early days of maternity and even after. However, according to him, the doctor was comforted by saying that the baby’s waist was ‘raised’ but he would be fine at birth.

Ali Murad brought his wife from Denbalu to a private hospital in Digri due to lack of doctors and facilities at the government hospital.

She said that when she came here during childbirth, the doctor said, “Normal delivery cannot be done because the bone is enlarged. So get the operation done.”

After which he filled in the support of the operation.

Finally, when the baby was born, it was discovered that the baby had two heads and one torso.

People are coming to see this two-headed child at a private hospital in Dighari, about 270 km from Karachi.

The baby’s torso, ears, hands, legs and other organs are similar to those of a normal human being, but he has two heads.

Ali Murad says that some people say congratulations and say, “God will, it will be saved.”

While some people are surprised at them.

According to experts, only one out of a million newborns is born.

When the stage of fertilization begins with the ovary in the mother’s uterus, it remains a single cell and sometimes divides into two, giving birth to twins.

Otherwise, the cell cannot be divided into two parts. Part of it gets wiped out or no longer grown, resulting in birth problems in babies.

Private hospital’s doctor Mansoor Bhargadi says the baby is healthy and his movements are like a normal baby’s.

He has advised parents to take the child to Karachi where further treatment can be done as complications can go ahead.

According to the child’s father, Ali Murad, the doctor has told him to take the child to Karachi but he is not going anywhere right now.

He says, ‘First my wife will be healthy, then we will go home and make a decision in consultation with the family.’

‘I’m a working man. Where can I afford Karachi and treatment costs? ‘

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