Twitter CEO and Co-Founder Jack Dorsey’s Account Hacked

Dorsey’s account began sending a flurry of tweets, some with racial slurs and others that defended Nazi Germany
Nate Jackson

Jack Dorsey, the CEO and co-founder of Twitter, had his account hacked on the social media platform Twitter by a group calling itself the Chuckle Gang.

One of the first tweets sent from the hacked account was the N-word, followed up by other offensive tweets including a bomb threat directed at Twitter headquarters. Dorsey has more than 4.2 million followers.

“We’re aware that @jack was compromised and investigating what happened,” Twitter said in a statement.

Though Dorsey’s site has been scrubbed of the hacked tweets and been returned to normal, screen shots of the original messages are still floating around Twitter.

The hackers also used their time controlling Dorsey’s account to plug a Discord server used for their own activity, asking people to join. The server invitation link tweeted out by the hackers has since been deleted.

It appears to be the same group that attacked a number of YouTube creators and influencers last week on Twitter, including beauty vlogger James Charles, Shane Dawson, and comedian King Bach. The hackers also allegedly gained access to Desmond “Etika” Amofah’s Gmail account, as seen by screenshots collected in their Discord server.

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