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#Trump claims #Apple is going to spend ‘huge amounts’ in US

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump said Friday that tech giant Apple would spend “huge amounts” of cash in the United States in a tweet before a lunch conference with its CEO Tim Cook.

The men had previously held several casual gatherings, including in Bedminster, New Jersey, where Trump is supposedly at his golf course on a working holiday.

The conference follows Apple’s announcement on Thursday that it has invested about $60 billion in the United States and presently employs some 90,000 individuals in the nation.

Many of the tech giant products are assembled in China and the firm opposes incoming tariffs— a Trump problem is fixed on— of 10% on goods produced in China, due to come into force on September 1.

Trump rejected Apple’s calls for an exemption on its products, the company should tweet in July, “Make them in the USA, No Tariffs!” But his administration announced Thursday tariffs on certain goods would be delayed until December.

Apple didn’t respond to the dinner comment immediately, and Trump didn’t tweet the session again, or what was discussed.

The latest missive of the president comes after a gaffe in March when he called Cook “Tim Apple.”

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