The parents of #QandeelBaloch declared forgiveness to their sons refused

MULTAN: On Thursday, a local court rejected Qandeel Baloch’s parents ‘ affidavit for pardoning their sons for her assassination.

The case hearing was postponed until August 24.

The parents said they had forgiven their sons in the affidavit presented yesterday, urging the court to acquit them.

The affidavit submitted in court further stated that Qandeel’s murder case was registered on July 16, 2016, while three months later the change to the Anti-Honor Killing Laws that prevents killers from walking free after a pardon was made. Therefore, in this murder situation, it was not relevant.

The new legislation made it compulsory for convicted persons to serve in prison for at least 12 years and in instances rendered the state a complainant.

In 2016, her brother Waseem strangled Qandeel Baloch to death at her home in Punjab. Her dad, Muhammad Azeem Baloch, filed a murder accusation against his son, Haq Nawaz, and others. A parent-submitted affidavit also named two other sons, Aslam Shaheen and Arif, in 2016.

When submitted to a unique magistrate, Waseem had gone on record and confessed to drugging and murdering his sibling.

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