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SWVL carried their business activities in lawful manner

SWVL Pakistan Pvt. Ltd., have always carried out their business activities in a lawful manner, adhering to the strictest contours of the applicable law, and therefore are fully committed to compliance of this law and to satisfy the concerns raised by the transport authorities, SWVL says to press

Pakistan’s New Transportation service, informed the press that they look forward to working with the government, in accordance with law, to provide the ‘common man’ of Pakistan with better and safe transport solutions.

The firm stated that their business model uses technology to provide optimized transportation solution to the public of Pakistan, and has the ability to transpire into more than 20,000 jobs.

In addition, the operations of SWVL result in household income saving of PKR 20,000 per month for their users in Pakistan.

Furthermore, for every vehicle operated under SWVL platform, there are 17 less LTVs on the road; translating into a significant decrease in the CO2 footprint.

SWVL’s sole goal is to provide reliable and safe transport as a tool for empowerment, ultimately contributing to a flourishing economy of Pakistan.

The firm committed towards facilitating the general public and the Government of
Pakistan in revolutionizing and reinventing the transportation system through this mission.

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