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Shafqat Mehmood memes rule social media after education minister announces school reopening

 Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood. — Twitter/File

While students waited for Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood to declare when educational institutions would be reopened across the country, memes on him started doing the rounds on social media.

Shafqat Mehmood’s popularity had surged after he announced that educational institutions would be closed till January 11. This time around, students waited with bated breath on the minister’s next move.

This user expected a “surprise” from the minister.

Another had high expectations of yet another “shutdown”.

Here’s how, according to a person, backbenchers were waiting for Shafqat Mehmood’s decision.

Another Twitter user reversed a popular meme on Shafqat Mehmood, visibly unhappy that schools and educational institutions were now reopening.

The “waiting” memes are just too many to count.

And one more to go.

Govt announces reopening of schools in phases

Mehmood announced on Monday that schools and educational institutions will reopen across the country in three phases.

“On January 18, classes for grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 — those that have exams — will resume,” he had said during a news conference along with SAPM on Health Dr Faisal Sultan. “This means that students of grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 will go to their schools and colleges from January 18 and their studies will resume.”

The minister had said that in the second phase, students of primary classes till grade 8 will return to schools from January 25.

Mehmood had said that universities and other higher education institutions will reopen from February 1 in the third and last phase.

Reopening schedule:

  • Online learning can resume from Jan 11
  • Classes 9 to 12 would start from Jan 18
  • Classes 1 to 8 would start from Jan 25
  • Higher education classes at universities and colleges to start from Feb 1
  • Board exams have been postponed to May and June
  • Another meeting on January 14 to review the situation

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