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Several JSQM leaders, workers join PSP to become part of ‘mainstream politics’

Although a large number of leader workers associated with various factions of the Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM), a Sindhi nationalist group, have abandoned their politics and become part of what they call “mainstream national politics”, some of them have chosen Mustafa Kamal-led Pak Sarzmeen Party to lead their lives as “patriotic citizens”.

In a gathering held at Pakistan House, the party’s secretariat, on Monday, Kamal welcomed the JSQM’s members and leaders into the PSP’s ranks, and said that quitting the ethnic politics and joining the “mainstream national politics” was the success of the ideology of his party.

He said that the politics of ethnicity, separatism and sectarianism was ending in Pakistan because it was harming the country’s development and prosperity. “The inclusion of a large number of people belonging to various ethnic parties into the PSP is bound to make it more active,” he said.

“People from Sindh have decided to launch a struggle from the platform of the PSP for serving the province and taking it out of backwardness.” Former JSQM leaders said that the PSP had raised the slogan of Pakistan by rejecting ethnicity. “Uniting every citizen speaking different languages will help bring national stability,” said a defecting JSQM leader.

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