Ramadan to commence in several Muslim countries on Friday


Saudi Arabia on Thursday said that it had sighted the Ramadan moon and that the month of fasting would be commence tomorrow (Friday) in the country.

The announcement was made after the Kingdom’s moon sighting committee convened a meeting after Maghreb prayers.

The United Arab Emirates’ moon-sighting committee also announced that the month of fasting would commence from Friday in the country.

Furthermore, Singapore has also announced that Ramadan will commence in the country on Friday.

Ramadan will commence from Friday in Kuwait, Egypt, and Bahrain as well, the countries said.

Meanwhile, like in Pakistan, Oman will observe the holy month beginning Saturday, April 25, according to a statement issued by the Oman news agency.

Pakistan’s newly formed Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee said that the Ramadan moon had not been sighted and that the holy month will commence in Pakistan on Saturday.

The meeting of the committee was held at the Met Office in Karachi and presided over by Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman. A spokesperson had earlier said the meetings of the zonal committees will take place at the provincial headquarters.

According to the spokesperson, Islamabad’s zonal committee was to hold a meeting at the Kohsar complex.

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