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Quetta: Class 8 students take exams in freezing weather on cold floor

During the freezing weather in December, students of a government school in Quetta were forced to give exams on the floor.

The school administration pressured them to sit in empty corridors and freezing walls.

Because of the government’s incompetence and lack of consideration, simple facilitations such as benches, tables and heaters etc. were not available in some review centers.

Students said it was a critical challenge to attempt exams in such an environment.

They lamented that the school had forced them to sit on the cold floor without chairs. Students complained they had trouble writing because of the cold.

Balochistan government on Friday took notice of a school where children were forced to sit on the floor. 

Adviser for education Muhammad Khan Lehri said he had taken notice of the incident and if the school was found negligent in its duties then action will be taken against the administration. 

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