‘Queen Elizabeth refused to allow Prince William to do his dream job’


Queen Elizabeth was opposed to Prince William serving  on the frontline  as an army office and the Duke of Cambridge had to quit his dream job due to his grandmother.

   A report citing sources stated that he monarch thought working for the military was not the right job for Prince William because he was the second in line to the throne.

“‘William was desperate to stay in the military and of course he trained to be a helicopter pilot. But in the end, he wasn’t allowed anywhere near the frontline. The ultimate boss said no because he is second-in-line to the throne,” said Simon Vigar speaking on documentary William and Kate: Too Good to be True.

Prince William and Kate Middleton had to move several times since they got married in 2011 due to the Duke of Cambridge’s career switch, according to

The publication reported that the prince wanted to join the armed forces but her grandmother was not happy about it.

William then joined the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and after completing the training course became an army officer.

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