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PTI asks Sindh govt to implement trace, test and quarantine strategy to limit Covid-19’s spread

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) senior vice president of the Karachi Division, Mahmood Moulvi, said on Monday the Sindh government needed to ensure the implementation of the trace, test and quarantine (TTQ) and smart lockdown strategies to check the spread of the coronavirus.

Commenting on the Covid-19 situation at a meeting with PTI leaders at his office, Moulvi, who is also an adviser to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, said violations of standard operating procedures (SOPs) had led to an increase in Covid-10 cases.

“Amid the rising Covid-19 infections, the opposition, under the banner of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PMD), is playing with the lives of the people for their political interests,” he said.

The PTI leader said political and social gatherings could lead to the spread of the deadly disease. “At this time, the opposition parties should join hands with the government in order to contain the Covid-19 spread.”

Moulvi asserted that the opposition should refrain from obstructing the country’s development. “The Imran Khan-led government is taking every possible measure to provide

relief to the people of Pakistan,” he said.

Talking about the decision to close educational institutions, Mahmood Moulvi said the PTI-led federal government believed in formulating a consensus strategy instead of imposing any


“Despite the difficulties, the government is working on public welfare programmes and the people would soon reap the benefits of the country’s development.”

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