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Protests against Indian genocide in occupied Kashmir remain worldwide

Protests remain around the globe against Indian crimes in occupied Kashmir, which expanded after the valley’s independent status was abolished by New Delhi.

The Pakistani, Kashmiri and Sikh groups conducted a demonstration against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi outside UNESCO headquarters in Paris. During Modi’s speech in the UNESCO headquarters the demonstration persisted.

The demonstrators carried leaflets calling for the independence of occupied Kashmir and chanting slogans against the attempt by India to revocate independence. The United Nations also requested that Indians undo their choice.

Protests took place outside the Indian embassy in Birmingham, calling for Kashmiris to be granted their proper privileges. There have also been protests outside the Indian consulates in Ankara and Istanbul.

Occupied Kashmir has been under curfew and lockdown since August 5 following the abolition of Article 370 by the Indian government, which gave the valley unique status. With thousands of Kashmiris including Hurriyat officials put under house arrest or arrested, the curfew and lockdown resulted to demonstrations in the valley.

At the global forum, Pakistan raised the issue of occupied Kashmir, while UN-based Genocide Watch published an alert and united the UN and its partners to caution India not to undertake genocide in occupied Kashmir.

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