Prince Harry, Meghan to have a tough time with privacy in LA: expert

Paparazzi expert claims Prince Harry, Meghan to have a tough time with privacy in L.A. 

Soon after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle relocated from the UK, they have continued to be rather vocal with their desire to lead a more private life.

In order to maintain this privacy, the couple have relocated to one of the most secluded and exclusive neighborhoods of LA. However, it appears they might be in for a rather tough time according to experts.

During an interview with the Daily Star, an LA photographer Mark Karloff and the host of Paparazzi Podcast gave his thoughts on the former royal’s life outside of the royal family.

“This is LA, there are probably 200 to 300 photographers around, they’re really hungry for pictures right now,” he explained. “If they were out and about, they could expect to get it constantly if they decide to frequent any place.”

While many might be respectful of the couple’s privacy, many might not care as much, “There are different breeds of photographers, there are photographers we would call savages that will pretty much do anything to get a picture,” he added. “They will stay as many hours as they need to wait for an exit or wait for them to come out.”

If the couple are to live in Serra Retreat, Karloff states, that they should expect hoards of photographers camped outside of the exit, lying in wait of the couple. The concluded by saying, “There will be at least three or four photographers there at all times.”

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