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Prayer leader wounded last Saturday rules out possibility of mugging bid

In the latest development in the mysterious firing incident that left a prayer leader injured a few days ago in Jamshed Quarters, police investigators have recorded the statement of the victim who denied all such reports that said he was shot for offering resistance during a mugging bid.

The investigators recorded the statement of the Subhania Masjid’s prayer leader, Mufti Yamin Abdullah, who said that neither did he have any personal enmity with anyone nor did he have any monetary dispute with anyone. “I don’t know the attacker but it is confirmed that it was not an incident of a mugging bid but a murderous attack on me,” Mufti Abdullah told the investigators.

The two separate cases were registered at the Jamshed Quarters police station after the religious cleric was injured in a firing incident on October 31. One of the suspect was caught by people after the firing incident and handed over to police.

Initially, it was reported that the arrested suspect, Mudassir, had a financial dispute with the prayer leader. Later, it was revealed that the suspect had a criminal record and he had links with the gang war while former Jamshed Quarters SHO Zafar Iqbal had sent him to the prison.

SHO Iqbal was also included in the investigators after it was found that Mudassir was in touch with him before injuring the religious cleric. Police said the suspect kept on changing his statements as he also tried to paint the incident as a robbery.

They added that raids were being conducted to arrest his accomplices. After his arrest, the suspect was handed over to the Counter-Terrorism Department for investigations; however, his custody was again handed over to the Jamshed Quarters investigation police.

Police investigators are yet to ascertain the motive behind the attempt to kill Mufti Abdullah. According to the investigators, there is a possibility that a third element that wanted to stoke sectarian violence in the city could have used target killers for the attack.

The firing incident occurred days after prominent religious scholar Maulana Adil Khan was assassinated in Karachi’s Shah Faisal Colony, who was also targeted on Saturday. More than three weeks have been passed since the killing of the scholar but the investigators are yet to trace and arrest the murderers.

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