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PM Imran has proven there are no ‘sacred cows’: Dr Firdous Awan on cabinet reshuffle

Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan at a press briefing. Photo: File

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said Monday that PM Imran had proven with his cabinet reshuffle decision that “there were no sacred cows” in Pakistan. 

Referring to the prime minister’s cabinet reshuffle, Dr Firdous said that the aim behind the decision was to ‘introduce self-accountability’ in the country. 

“The prime minister wants to strengthen institutions, not individuals,” she said. “It can’t be tolerated that the public’s rights are usurped and that a particular group takes advantage of it,” she added.

The press conference by the prime minister’s media advisor came a few hours after PM Imran changed the portfolios of his cabinet members, the most notable shuffle being former food minister Khusro Bakhtiar being assigned the ministry of economic affairs.

On Saturday, an FIA report had said that senior PTI leader Jahangir Tareen and Bakhtiar’s brother benefited the most from the sugar crisis that took place in January this year.

Saying that it was necessary to inform the masses about the premier’s decision, Dr Firdous stated that PM Imran had become the voice of the 95% and that the government will take legal action against anyone found working against the masses’ interest.

“The 5% elite have usurped the rights of the 95%,” she said. “Putting an end to the hardships of the public is the government’s topmost priority.”

Dr Firdous said that the government was waiting for the forensic report on the sugar crisis which will be released this month. She said that PM Imran had proven that “there were no sacred cows” in the country and that no other government in Pakistan’s history had taken such a decision before.

PM Imran vows action against profiteers after forensic report

The prime minister seems adamant on taking action against anyone found involved in the sugar and wheat crises as the premier took to Twitter on Sunday to say that he was awaiting the forensic report on the sugar crisis. 

“After these reports come out no powerful lobby will be able to profiteer at the expense of our public,” he had tweeted.

“This is unprecedented in Pakistan’s history. Previous political leaderships because of their vested interests and compromises lacked the moral courage to order and release such reports,” he had further tweeted.

I stand with the prime minister: Jahangir Tareen

Reacting to the FIA report, Tareen said he stood with the prime minister and would challenge the investigation committee if it found him responsible for the sugar crisis.

“I’m in constant contact with the prime minister and I stand with him,” Tareen had said, adding that he had provided 20,000 tonnes of sugar to utilities stores at Rs67 a kilo, saving the people Rs250 million.

“If I had not sold sugar at Rs67 a kilo, I’d have donated Rs250 million to the Prime Minister’s Corona Relief Fund,” he added. 

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