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Pakistan, India ban Postal Service

On Monday, Pakistan and India placed an indefinite ban on all types of posts and mails, including messages, parcels and documents sent by courier or post.

The Indian Postal Service Board authorities released a country-wide notice on Monday that local postal services do not receive posts and mails, including messages, parcels and documents in any of the Indian cities bound for Pakistan.

In a tit-for-tat response ban on all types of posts and mails, including letters, parcels, and documents being sent through courier or by post

Director Indian Postal Service claimed Pakistan has firstly imposed ban on the mails from India, adding that he had to just reciprocating the move. The sources said Pakistan accepted the last Indian posts and mails long ago. Mentioning, it is the maiden example when the postal services are at halt between Islamabad and New Delhi, and the people of two neighbouring countries are deprived of a vital mean of communication.

When the officials of Pakistan Postal Services (PPS) were contacted, they rejected Indian claims and told that some foreign, including Indian parcels and posts are sent to Pakistan Customs for clearance and if any such decision was made by the authority than PPS has nothing to do with it.

While, some internal sources claimed that the postal services would soon be restored. News Desk adds: Meanwhile, Indian Minister for Communications and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad government on Monday alleged that Pakistan unilaterally stopped postal mail service between the two nations, saying the move was in contravention of international norms. The union minister alleged that Pakistan took the decision without giving any notice to India.

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