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Overseas Pakistanis ‘are safe because of highly capable’ armed forces: British-Pakistani leader

Pakistanis everywhere love the armed forces’ professionalism, the British-Pakistani said. Geo News/via The News

LONDON: British-Pakistani community leader Tarab Raja has said Pakistan’s armed forces are highly capable of thwarting designs of the enemies and have proven their skills and ability by defending the country against serious dangers and conspiracies.

Speaking to The News here in the British capital, Raja said Pakistan Army’s role in maintaining peace at home and abroad has been pivotal.

“The role of Pakistan Army has always been highly critical — locally, regionally, and internationally,” he said. “It’s important to highlight the sacrifices made by our Armed forces. Soldiers as young as 18 have been martyred at the borders in the war to secure and protect Pakistan.

“Our Armed forces have sacrificed precious lives at all levels. They have always protected Pakistan with the will of Allah and have always succeeded.”

The British-Pakistani underlined that Pakistanis everywhere love the armed forces’ professionalism, saying: “Our armed forces are our pride. They are our junoon [passion]. They are our pride.

“Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa is the sipah-e-salar [commander] of our armed forces and he has done a commendable job in steering Pakistan’s defence in the right direction. It’s due to such leadership that we have a lot of respect for our armed forces.

“As overseas Pakistanis, we should know we are safe because of them. They have restored peace within Pakistan and helped restore peace in the region and abroad though international commitments,” he added.

Raja said the situation in the South Asian region is currently tense as India and China face off with each other. He said Pakistan Army’s leadership has proven that it has the skills and vision to navigate through tough times and take decisions in the best security interests of Pakistan.

“There is a reason why our Army is regarded as one of the best armies in the world. However, there is a lack of awareness about our armed forces in many circles and that needs to be looked into,” he opined.

Raja added that Pakistan went through the worst phase during the “war on terror” when the international forces joined forces to change the shape of the region. “More than 20,000 soldiers died in the way of defending Pakistan,” he noted.

“Thousands of families lost their livelihood, their unity and their future,” he added.

‘Economy not in a good shape’

The British-Pakistani leader, however, lamented that the incumbent PTI-led government had not done very well on the economic front.

“The economy of Pakistan is not in a good shape. The government ministers are busy issuing statements daily without paying attention to their portfolios and their job roles.

“Due to this, overseas Pakistanis feel discouraged to invest in Pakistan because they don’t see a lot of return value at the moment. The rupee against the dollar is suffering badly. Several development projects started by the previous governments haven’t been completed yet.

“It’s important for the government to take a look at the economic situation and adopt firm policies in the best interest of people,” he said.

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