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New policy issued for Madadgar 15, SSU to maintain standards

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Maqsood Ahmed, chief of the Security Division of the Sindh police, has issued a new policy for the officials of Madadgar 15 and the Special Security Unit (SSU).

DIG Ahmed said that the SSU is the first ISO-certified police unit of Pakistan. “Discipline and punctuality in the SSU and Madadgar 15 have always been a priority to maintain strict standards.”

However, he lamented, despite the issuance of several verbal orders, some members of staff are not complying with the instructions in letter and spirit. Therefore, taking notice of negligence on their part, the following instructions have been issued and are required to be complied with by every member of staff on a priority basis so that the ISO standards continue to be maintained.

Every branch must prepare and submit its duty roster to the attendance branch after getting it duly signed by the SSU admin & commandant deputy superintendent of police or the Madadgar 15 superintendent of police.

The operational staff will work in three shifts and the administrative staff will work in two shifts. The operational shifts are from 8am to 4pm (morning shift), from 4pm to 12am (evening shift) and from 12am to 8am (night shift). The administrative shifts are from 9am to 5pm and from 11am to 7pm.

Every branch must remain open on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 11am to 5pm with 50 per cent staff on both days, and the leave policy will be one day a week or five days a month.

All branch incharges and their staff are required to remain in the office until the presence of senior officers apart from their shift timings. Show-cause notices will be served on the members of staff with attendance sheet who do not follow their duty roster. Fines on latecomers and early leavers will be imposed for violating the prescribed timings submitted by the branch incharges through duty rosters. Fines will be imposed through the proper channel by the branch DP.

The accounts branch will ensure swift correspondence with the Sindh AG for the deduction of the imposed fines. The same will be reflected in their salary slips. The amount of fine will cover one-thirtieth of the monthly SSU or Madadgar 15 allowance given to each rank.

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