Meghan Markle believes Prince Harry’s ‘got to stop’ calling himself ‘too old’

Meghan Markle believes Prince Harry’s ‘got to stop’ calling himself ‘too old’ on record

With ties to royal family having been severed by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the couple has officially begun partaking in no-profit charities and meetings to further their cause, however as the hands of time spiral on, it appears Prince Harry is starting to feel the effects of aging in the most candid, and hilarious of ways.

During the course of one of his most recent Zoom meeting’s, the prince candidly quipped about his age and admitted that he feels “too old compared to these guys.”

However, that revelation did not sit right with Meghan Markle as she hilariously slammed her husband for pointing out by saying, “You’ve got to stop, We’re not old!”

According to People, Prince Harry was quoted saying, “I love that fact that you’re all so well connected as well. That’s why this platform was created—to bind you guys together. To use that thinking, that awareness, that self awareness that you guys have to be able to make the world a better place. I say ‘you’—I want to include us, but I already feel as I’m way too old…”

While Prince Harry seems to be flustered over turning 36 and aging more “compared to these guys”, Meghan seems rather chipper over the idea and believes “That’s not aging” at all.

Check out the video below:

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