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Little headway in Effendi case

Almost five days have passed since the murder of Zain Ali Effendi, great-grandson of celebrated educationist Hassanally Effendi, but the police have made little headway towards solving the case, except recording the statement of the victim’s wife.

The murder was committed during an apparent robbery bid at Effendi’s house near Peoples Chowrangi on January 6. Police believe that the primary motive of the culprits may not have been robbery. They suspect that the culprits may have tried to change the nature of the incident.

The wife of the deceased told the police that the robbers had also made off with Effendi’s mobile phone. Police said the phone’s last location was traced to District Central, following which the robbers had apparently switched it off.

According to the wife’s statement, the culprits had taken her husband to another room, where they continued to talk with him, but she could not understand what the conversation was about because their voices were low.

She said the robbers later bound his limbs with rope and shot him three or four times. She said she phoned the driver immediately after the incident, but he was unavailable because it was early morning.

The victim’s wife said she then phoned her mother-in-law and the Madadgar 15 police helpline. She said the robbers were wearing shalwar kameez and they were speaking in Urdu.

Police said that the CCTV camera footage obtained by the investigators shows four men arriving in a white Corolla, adding that the investigators were also trying to trace the culprits with the help of geo-fencing.

They said that detailed statements of the domestic help and others will also be recorded. They also said that the actual motive behind the incident is yet to be ascertained.

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