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KMC brings down encroachments in Korangi and Central districts

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) conducted an anti-encroachment operation in two districts of the city on Sunday on directives issued by Administrator Laeeq Ahmed.

According to senior director for anti-encroachment Bashir Siddiqui, the operation was carried out in streets and major markets and along thoroughfares of the Central and Korangi districts.

In District Central’s 11-L at 5200 Road in North Karachi, nine shops constructed over a nullah were razed, while sunshades, wall iron grills and stairs protruding out onto a road and the footpath were demolished as well.

Hotel accessories strewn across the road and footpaths, such as tables, chairs, gas cylinders and stoves were confiscated. Cabins and kiosks were also removed from along footpaths and roads.

KMC director central Kamran Alvi supervised the operation. A heavy contingent of police and other law enforcement agencies were present in the area.

In District Korangi, several hotels, kiosks, shops and shanties were removed from the greenbelt on 5000 Road in Korangi Industrial Area.

According to Siddiqui, several tables, chairs, stoves, gas cylinders and other objects of hotels were confiscated and shifted to the KMC’s godown.

Six persons were arrested for resisting the operation. KMC Korangi Director Musarat Ali supervised the operation with the help of law enforcers.

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