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Iraq reopens Green Zone after stabilizing situation

Green Zone includes government buildings, foreign embassies, headquarters of US-led international coalition in Iraq

BAGHDAD: Iraqi authorities reopened Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone on Tuesday after stability returned in the region following week-long protests, country’s news agency reported.

The Green Zone was reopened after “successful negotiations” between the Iraqi Prime Minister office and the protesters, in which promises were made to fulfill the protesters’ demands, the Iraqi News Agency reported.

Entries to the zone were closed and security restrictions were imposed to prevent eruption of protests in the area which includes government buildings, foreign embassies and the headquarters of the U.S.-led International Coalition in Iraq.

The efforts of Iraqi President Barham Salih and parliament speaker as well contributed to calming the situation in the country, it added.

The mass protests in Iraq broke out across several Iraqi cities on Oct. 1 with demands of improving living conditions and end to government corruption.

So far, the death toll has reached 110 and thousands have been injured in anti-government protests in Iraq, according to a medical source.

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