Indonesian airline paints mask on its planes to support COVID-19 campaign

JAKARTA: Indonesian airlines Garuda has painted masks on its aircraft to   support the government’s ‘Ayo pakai masker’ (let’s wear masks) campaign. 

Garuda Indonesia has painted a special face mask design in blue colour onto the nose of its plane, the A330-900neo. These aircraft will provide services in Singapore and Japan along with domestic flights.

According to reports, some 60 people together painted the mask onto five planes in nearly 120 hours.

Update on Indonesia’s coronavirus situation

Indonesia’s number of daily infections have reached 528,000 while the total deaths have exceeded 16,500.

Dr Wiku Adisasmito, a prominent public health professor leading Indonesia’s COVID-19 task force, has blamed ignorance among the public for the virus transmission as people have failed to abide by health protocols.

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