Indian Defence Minister’s remarks regarding ‘no first use’ policy reflects India’s belligerent behaviour: #FO

Foreign Office spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal says the substance and timing of the Indian Defence Minister’s statement is highly unfortunate and reflective of India’s irresponsible and belligerent behaviour, the Radio Pakistan reported.

In response to a question on the statement made by the Indian Defence Minister, the spokesperson said it further exposes the pretence of their No First Use policy, to which we have never accorded any credence.

He said ‘No First Use’ pledge is non-verifiable and cannot be taken at face value, especially when the development of offensive capabilities and force postures belie such claims.

The Spokesperson said Pakistan has always proposed measures relating to nuclear restraint in South Asia and has eschewed measures that are offensive in nature.

Pakistan will continue to maintain a credible minimum deterrence posture.

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