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India does not ‘ combat ‘ militant organizations but Pakistan does ‘ little ‘: #Trump claims

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that while his nation is negotiating a withdrawal from Afghanistan, other nations must take on the fight against extremists.

The Trump administration has decreased US military involvement in Syria and Iraq and is negotiating a retreat from Afghanistan from the Taliban insurgents.

But defense experts warn that an extremist resurgence could be allowed by a vacuum left by the United States.

“Other countries must assume the battle against extremists as the US negotiates a withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Trump told reporters. “At a certain point Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, they are going to have to fight their battles too.”

However, Trump singled out India and Pakistan as frontline countries that are doing little to fight militant groups.

“Look, India’s right there, they are not fighting it, we’re fighting it. Pakistan is next door. They’re fighting it, very little…. it’s not fair. The United States is seven thousand miles away,” he added.

Earlier, in preparations for a peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan, the White House had signaled that talks between President Trump and top consultants went “very well.” “Discussions focused on our ongoing negotiations and the eventual peace and reconciliation agreement with the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan.

Trump — who previously spoke with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about his willingness to mediate — said he would raise the situation over the weekend. Both males are anticipated for a Group of Seven Industrialized Nations Summit in France.

“Kashmir is a very difficult place. You have Hindus and you have the Muslims, and I wouldn’t say they’re getting along that good, “Trump informed the White House journalists.

“You have millions of people on both sides who want to be ruled by others. And you’ve got two countries that didn’t get along well for a long time. And, honestly, this scenario is very explosive, “he said.

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