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In protest against #cannoliowners, Urdu poetry recital to be held in Islamabad

Two content writers from Islamabad, working under the Limo Soda Show brand, have invited citizens to participate in an Urdu mushaira (an event where poets read their works), in response to a video of two restaurant owners mocking their employee for his English language skills.

Fittingly, the event will be held outside the place where the unfortunate incident took place — the restaurant Cannoli by Cafe Soul in Islamabad — on Saturday, January 23.

So far 11,000 people have responded to the invitation,  with 1,600 indicating they are going and 9,400 saying they are interested.

The event’s guidelines have been stated as follows:


1.) All Shayrs has 2 b in punjabi or urdu.

2.) Most criative shayar wins Jalahowapenus BURGER

3.) NO gup shup or banter against restoraan ownrse

5.) Siraikiz NOT allowedz

6.) Free entries 4 beeconhoes studantz?!

7.) NO Ahmed Faraz sasti shayri

8.) Studie whole Wren nd Martin English graamer bookz for suprise english quiz

9.) Alcohol, Drugs and JF-17 Thunder Naswar is strcitly prohitbited. (only for sale incide restoraan)”

The incident

A day earlier, a video showing the owners mocking the restaurant manager for lacking in English language skills went viral on social media where it was slammed by nearly all who viewed it.

A statement was released by the owners in response, saying they are “saddened” over the reaction to the video.

“We are saddened and appalled by the reaction of the people, how they have misconstrued our banter with a team member,” read a statement by the owners on Instagram.

The owners characterised their talk in the video as “gup shup” between a team, saying it was never intended to come across as “hurtful”.

They went on to say they are “not required” to prove anything or defend themselves as kind employers.

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