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#IK brings world’s attention to #India’s #atomic #arsenals ‘ safety

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan called on the world community on Sunday to give serious consideration to the security and security of India’s nuclear arsenal under Narendra Modi’s fascist and racist Hindu Supremacist government

He said this is an problem that has an impact not only on the region but on the globe as well.

On Friday, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh suggested a change in atomic policy’ No First Use’ in the region’s tension over the occupied conflict over Kashmir.

PM Imran said India was caught by a fascist and racist Hindu Supremacist ideology and leadership in a series of tweets on Sunday, as Nazis had captured Germany.

The Premier said this threatens nine million Kashmiris who have been under siege in the Occupied Kashmir for more than two weeks that should have sent alarm bells ringing around the globe with UN Observers being sent there.

The Prime Minister said the danger also goes to Pakistan, India’s minorities, and indeed the very fabric of India’s Nehru and Gandhi.

He said one can simply understand Google’s link between the RSS-BJP Founding Fathers ‘ Nazi ideology and ethnic cleansing and genocide ideology.

Imran Khan said that four million Indian Muslims are already faced with detention camps and citizenship cancellation.

He said the world should take note of it as this genius is out of the bottle and the doctrine of hatred and genocide will spread, with RSS goons on the rampage, unless the international community acts to prevent it now.

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