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How to become a profitable Video blogger?

Have you ever had the experience of reading something that you would have preferred to watch a video about, instead? This is exactly why Vloggers are all over the place today. Although, many people consider vlogging to be a fairly easy task, it definitely isn’t!

What is Vlog:

Video blog or video log, shortened as Vlog and the person who makes the Vlogs is dubbed as a Vlogger.

Following are some key steps to become a successful Vlogger.

Do your research

Before you make your very own video blog, make sure to invest some time in knowing about other vloggers.

However attempt to discover less popular vloggers too in order to get a better idea of working with a low budget.

Also, spend some time researching on your area of interest.

Identify the right thing for you

Many people confuse vlogging for being a video summary of the vlogger’s everyday life but there’s so much more to it. You can literally choose to vlog about the most random things as long as you are good at expressing it. Some famous topics; however, include: food, travel and beauty.

Stay well equipped:

The good part about pursuing vlogging is that it has no inventory cost involved but even though you don’t need a studio, there are some basic things you will be needing for the job. These include:

  •  Video camera
  •  Tripod
  •  Lighting
  •  Microphone

Why are you filming this document?

It’s essential to understand what you’re attempting to achieve before recording your vlog so decide your objective for the completed item before you continue.

Incase your objective is essentially to record your day, you can choose to skip this step.

Make sure you film yourself in addition to your surroundings.

Make sure you show yourself in the vlog too. By this, we don’t mean you necessarily have to make the vlog all about yourself but setting a proportion of how much you want to show yourself could help make your vlogs better to watch for the viewers.

Ask questions

One of the best ways to engage the audience is to walk up to random people and ask them a question. Make sure they are comfortable with you filming their responses and allow you to post these responses publicly. Also, your questions shouldn’t make the stranger feel like you’re harassing them so try not to get too personal.

Include interesting or exciting events.

Make sure your vlogs don’t get boring for your viewers and that could be because you’re not adding anything new to your vlog. It is highly recommended that you add interesting events to your vlog for viewers to enjoy. For example, you could try:

  •  Including cute babies, animals and other living things in your video
  •  Exploring places and including it in your vlog

Edit your vlog

Make sure to lay focus on all areas of your video while editing it — the visuals and the audio basically. Certainly, the way you edit your video really adds to the quality of your vlog.

Choose the right medium

The medium you choose for uploading your vlog is totally your decision. YouTube; however, is a more popular medium in the video community. Other options include Instagram, Facebook, and Vimeo.

Feedback matters

 Feedback tells you quite a lot about what people perceive about your vlog and what they are expecting from you. Although, not all feedback is important, a lot of it still holds great importance and allows you to improve your content.


You can keep a similar general equation for your vlog, yet ensure you aren’t just duplicating your past video.

For instance: if your last vlog included setting off to a zoo in the evening and visiting nearby food vendors, make sure to avoid both these activities in few of the next upcoming vlogs.

Establish a theme

It’s very important to set a certain routine or theme for yourself that allows people to associate your vlog with.

Promote your vlogs

Make sure to work hard on promoting your brand on other social media platforms. Take help from your friends and family and ask them to help you in this process.

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