From Kate’s cursive to Queen’s regal writing: Here are stunning signatures of the royals

Photos: Stunning signatures from the British royal family showcasing regality. Photo: Hello Magazine

 For many in this digital age, signatures have become a thing of the past, however, for the royal family, their signatures are not only held in high esteem but they seem to improve as time goes on.

Whether it is to leave their name in a simple visitor’s log or in autographs, signatures have become a part of British royal family’s job.

From Queen Elizabeth’s regal writing to Kate Middelton’s careful cursive, each royal family member seems to be portraying a bit of their personalities in each signature they leave behind.

For most in the older generation, the older a person the more sloppy their signatures become, however it appears that does not hold true for the Queen, at nearly 94-years of age, the Queen’s signature is still as sophisticated and pristine as ever.

Prince Philip’s signature seems to have a rather whimsical spin to it, with big loops lining a curved ‘P’, his signature seems to hold strong in a crowd.

Prince Charles’s signature appears to be rather uniform in both font and style. The end of his signature provides a rather interesting detail as the observers eyes loop around.

Duchess Camilla on the other hand seems to have the most legible signature in the royal family, with crisp and clear lines surrounding each letter, it appears she provides precedence to the first letter, more so than the rest.

Out of all members of the royal family, Prince William’s signature appears to be the most illegible and stylized handwriting in the entire royal family.

Prince Harry’s signature appears to be a simple rendition of his regular handwriting for it all follows suite in a straight line. 

Prince Harry’s signature appears to be a simple rendition of his regular handwriting for it all follows suite in a straight line. 

For the newest member of the royal family, Meghan Markle’s signature pays homage to her professional calligraphy 

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