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First winter rain makes weather colder in city

Under the influence of a westerly disturbance, Karachi received the first rain of the winter late on Tuesday night, reducing the day and night-time temperatures.

“Light rain started at around 11pm in different areas of Karachi under the influence of a westerly wave or disturbance, which actually caused heavy rains and snowfall in the northern areas of the country as well as in Punjab. An extension of the weather system luckily caused rain in and around Karachi too on Tuesday night,” said Sardar Sarfraz, chief meteorological officer (CMO) of Sindh, while talking to The News.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), the Masroor Base area received the highest amount of rainfall in Karachi where 4 millimeters of rain was recorded, followed by 3.5mm of rain in Landhi, 3.4 in Surjani, 3mm at Faisal Base, 2.9mm at North Karachi, 2.8mm at University Road and Keamari, 2.4mm at Jinnah Terminal, while 3.1mm of rain in the old airport area.

CMO Sardar Sarfraz said that due to the light rain, not only the minimum temperature at night but the daytime temperature also fell. He added that cold winds from the north were expected to further reduce the temperature in Karachi on Thursday and Friday. He maintained that another westerly wave was expected to affect Pakistan in the first week of December, which would cause rain and snowfall in the northern parts of the country, but under its influence, the weather may get cold in Karachi too.

He said cold winds would follow the westerly disturbances, which would reduce the day and night temperatures in the country.

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