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Egyptian TV host slammed for interviewing ‘coronavirus’


An Egyptian TV station and its host received flak on social media for interviewing a man dressed up as the coronavirus. Internet users slammed the host and the channel for displaying insensitivity towards those affected by the novel virus. 

Egyptian host Jaber Al Qarmuti, on his recently launched new show “What Is The Talk About?” which airs at Egyptian TV station Al-Hayat, interviewed a man dressed as the coronavirus. The interviewee, who was dressed as the coronavirus, answered questions via video link and dismissed the virus as “social media talk”.

“A boy who doesn’t want to go to school would tell his mum he feels tired and his classmates cough. In response, his mum would tell him right away he has corona!” said the man portraying the pandemic.

When asked as to how the virus can be prevented, the ‘virus’ urged people to wash their hands well and not touch the stairway railing a lot. “Also, don’t sneeze in my face!”

Qarmuti defended the interview, saying that it was an act of professionalism while some on social media called him out for being insensitive towards the infection and the impact it had had on thousands across the globe. 

The Egyptian government has taken various precautionary measures against the novel virus that has caused panic and fear among governments across the world. The virus originated from the wet markets in Wuhan, China and have spread to more than 117 countries around the globe. 

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