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DRAP Wants Chemical Names In Prescriptions

ISLAMABAD: The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has directed health departments to ensure that doctors prescribe chemicals rather than brand names of medicines.

In a letter addressed to health departments across the country, it was mentioned that a number of complaints had been received in which citizens raised concerns over company influenced brand-based prescriptions of medicines by doctors in government and private sectors.

“This practice adds to the economic burden of the country and also puts financial load on patients due to purchase of pricier brands. Such practice is also against the code of ethics for medical and dental practitioners. You are therefore requested to take necessary measures for promoting generic prescriptions by doctors and discourage the practice of incentivised prescription in the best interest of the patients and the country,” the letter states.

It may be mentioned that medicines of the same formula are being sold for prices 10 times higher than the original rate.

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