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Daily Telegraph lauds Pakistan’s strategy of welfare state

The Daily Telegraph says that Pakistan is leading the way with its welfare state policy and the world can learn from its innovation.   

The Britain based leading newspaper The Daily Telegraph in its article said that Pakistan’s government Ehsaas program initiative is one of the most comprehensive welfare programmes ever undertaken by a national government, with an underlying ambition to create a social safety net for Pakistan.

Read Story on Telegraph : Pakistan is leading the way with its welfare state – the world can learn from its innovation

Ehsaas encompasses 134 policies that range from tackling corruption to creating educational opportunities to providing the elderly with decent homes.

The article said that it was for the first time that a public policy in Pakistan has been developed in this way and demonstrates a new level of openness and transparency. Ehsaas’s impact will hopefully go much further than the borders of Pakistan. It will provide many lessons for low-, middle- and high-income countries.

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