Coronavirus: Harry, Meghan ‘worried’ about Prince Charles but feel ‘helpless’

Harry and Meghan are trying to cope with the news of Prince Charles contracting the coronavirus

After the COVID-19 diagnosis of Prince Charles, the British royal family was said to be ‘worried’ but is keeping calm during the distressing situation.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle being far away from his father, all the way in Canada, is trying to make peace with the test results coming out positive and hoping for his swift recovery.

A royal source talking to HollywoodLife revealed how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are coping with the news of Prince of Wales contracting the infectious disease.

“Meghan and Harry are following guidelines to stay where they are. It’s incredibly hard to be so far away during this crisis and of course they are worried about Harry’s father, but they have no plans to fly back to the U.K. right now,” the insider said.

“Harry is level headed and knows the right thing to do is to follow the orders to stay home and that is what they are doing. It’s not easy. If this were under more normal circumstances they would want to be with his father but they simply can’t.” the grapevine added.

“And fact is, even if they were over in the U.K. right now that wouldn’t be any different. Prince William isn’t going to be seeing his father either right now so as far apart as they are they are actually in the same boat,” they continued.

“The fact is Charles will be getting the absolute best care. He’s one of the lucky ones and Meghan and Harry are both very aware that not everyone is as lucky,” it was further revealed.

Charles had last met his sons in public on March 9 at the annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey.

A palace insider told PEOPLE, that both William and Harry are in “good spirits.”

“There is a sense of keeping calm and carrying on. The duchess is concerned for him but she is aware of his own good spirits and therefore is keeping a close eye on him and mindful of her own situation. She is upbeat” said the source about the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla who is also self-isolating.

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