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China discovers 115 billion m3 gas field in Xinjiang

China has said that it discovered new gas reserves of over 115 billion cubic meters in its southern Xinjiang province.

State-run Petro China’s Tarim oilfield has claimed that it discovered a huge gas field with an estimated reserve of 115.3 billion cubic meters in Xinjiang’s Tarim Basin, Xinhua news reported on Thursday.

PetroChina is country’s largest oil and gas producer. 

“[Company] completed a successful test of a well in the gas field with a daily output of 418,200 cubic meters of natural gas and 115.15 cubic meters of gas condensate,” said Tian Jun, company’s vice general manager, according to the news report.

It is estimated that the gas field contains 115.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 21.66 million tons of gas condensate, he said.

The company expects to start production in November, the report said.

Tarim oilfield supplies natural gas to a total of 15 provincial-level regions in northern and eastern China through China’s West-to-East gas pipelines, it added.

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