Bright lights of gadgets make it harder to sleep

Students should steer clear of tablets, smartphones, and TVs before bedtime to promote regular sleep, according to a doctor studying healthy sleep habits.

“Exposure to the bright screens of tablets and phones especially before sleep makes it harder to go to sleep and get a good night’s rest,” Dr. Levent Ozturk of Trakya University’ Medical School in Edirne, northwestern Turkey, told Anadolu Agency.

Ozturk, who studies sleep disorders, said during their long summer vacation most students’ sleep patterns were disrupted.

As a result, returning students often face restless sleep, difficulty getting up in the morning, and being late for school, he said.

To avoid these problems, Ozturk suggested that children and parents watch their technology consumption.

“Melatonin is a hormone secreted in the dark. When bright lights in phones and tablets suppresses its secretion, it adversely affects what we call sleep stability,” he explained.

“So we recommend that children stay away from bright screens, such as TVs, phones, and tablets, especially close to bedtime.”

The malady of technology addiction even appears in psychiatry books, he added.

Ozturk also said walking, doing exercises, cycling, having dinner at around 6.00 p.m., and drinking milk can help people get to sleep on time and help ensure a good night’s sleep.

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