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#BillGates writes to PM Imran and reaffirms his assistance for polio eradication

ISLAMABAD: In a letter directed to Prime Minister Khan, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates reiterated the assistance of Pakistan’s Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for polio erosion attempts.

In a letter dated August 16, 2019, the billionaire philanthropist promised to proceed working with the appropriate officials in Pakistan to eradicate the country’s polio virus.

“Currently, I’m concerned with the polio situation in Pakistan… Large numbers of children in key reservoirs continue to be missed during polio campaigns, in large part due to sub-optimal management and increased community resistance to vaccination – all of which is allowing the virus to build and continue circulating,” Gates wrote.

“At the request of the National Emergency Operations Centre, the foundation’s polio team provided support to an independent management review of Pakistan’s polio program in the high priority districts and those contributing to polio transmission, starting in Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar. Our team is working with the independent management review team and the NEOC to finalise recommendations and develop an implementation plan slated to start before the low season campaigns in November,” the letter added.

The co-founderof Microsoft demanded the assistance of the Pakistan government at all stages and requested Prime Minister Imran to endorse the management’s suggestions and execution schemes.

Gates said his group is planning a Program Delivery Unit for financial inclusion, nutrition and other development goals in the implementation of the Ehsaas programme.

Premier Imran chaired the country’s urgent polio crisis conference previously today. Polio Prime Minister Babar Atta spoke to the meeting, which included the Chief Minister, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Secretary, federal ministers, and heads of global bodies. He also attended the meeting.

Polio, a sewage disease that could lead, especially in young kids, to crippling paralysis, is incurable and stays a risk to health while not eradicated. Immunization initiatives in most nations have succeeded and are near to Pakistan, but there are still constant issues.

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