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+70 people murdered by So-called honor killings, Karo Kari in Sindh

Despite so many problems encountered by law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice scheme, murders in the name of so-called honor, or karo-kari murders, primarily in rural areas of Sindh, persist unabated as more than 70 individuals have lost their life during the first six months of the present year, it appeared on Sunday.

However, investigations into most of these instances stay unfinished, putting no one to court but allowing the acquittal of a few suspects.

Official statistics proposed that some 78 individuals were murdered in various areas of Sindh in the name of karo-kari from January to June 2019, resulting in 65 instances being registered. However, owing to various factors, more than 90% of instances were awaiting trial and in most instances the police investigation had not achieved a consensus.

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