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‘7-km gas pipeline for DHA midway through its completion’

For the augmentation of gas supply to the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) and the Clifton neighbourhood, the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) is working “full throttle on laying a seven-kilometre-long gas pipeline having a diameter of 20 inches,” said a SSGC statement on Sunday.

It said the pipeline would transport gas from the site of the Dolmen Mall Clifton (DMC) to the DHA Water Desalination Plant.

“This pipeline is midway through its completion phase,” the gas company said. “It will normalise and improve the gas supply and pressure related issues being faced by the residents of the DHA and areas surrounding DMC.”

It said SSGC engineers and technicians were leaving no stone unturned to complete the pipeline soon. “Within a record span of just 20 days, the company’s diligent team of Project and Construction Department has been able to lay down this pipeline for three kilometres.”

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