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23 people have died in various rain-related incidents in Karachi

Nearly two-dozen people have been killed in Karachi after heavy monsoon rains inundated most parts of the metropolis, officials and rescuers said on Sunday.

Most deaths were caused by electrocution and falling roofs in the city of 20 million people.

At least 23 deaths have been reported since the rain started on Saturday night and continued until Sunday afternoon, said Anwar Kazmi from the private Edhi rescue agency.

The death toll was expected to rise as roads and streets were still flooded in some parts of the city, making it impossible for rescuers to reach the victims, Kazmi added.

The military was assisting the civil administration in pumping the water out of the inundated streets, an army spokesperson said.

The metrological department’s Sardar Sarfraz predicted more spells of rain, but said they would not be intense.

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